11 Best Places to Put Vending Machines

There’s no doubt about it, vending machines are a great way to make some extra cash. But where should you put them? In this blog post, we’ll share the best places to put vending machines, based on our experience. We hope this will help you maximize your vending machine profits and make your vending business a success!

Whether you’re starting a vending machine company or starting an honor snacks box business, discover the best places to locate your vending machines to earn the most income.

Office Buildings

The average office worker spends almost 1,800 hours at their workplace each year, and many rely on convenient snacks and drinks to fuel themselves through a busy day. Vending machines offer an easy solution for when the cafeteria or nearby restaurants are closed or unavailable. Not only do vending machines provide a convenient snack option, but they can also bring in additional revenue for the office building.


Vending machines have become a common sight in schools, offering a convenient snack or drink during a break in the day. However, these machines can serve a greater purpose beyond just providing snacks. By placing vending machines in schools, business owners can help support the school with each sale. This funding can be used for necessary supplies and resources, or even fun activities like field trips and assemblies. Plus, by offering healthy food options in addition to more traditional options, vending machines can also play a role in teaching young people about nutrition and making healthy choices. When placed thoughtfully and with consideration for the needs of the school community, vending machines can offer both convenience and support for schools.


When people have to stay in the hospital, they often require extra snacks and drinks to keep their energy levels up. However, hospitals can’t always provide all of the options that patients may want. This is where vending machines come in. By placing vending machines in hospitals, patients can easily access a wider range of options, including healthier choices like fruit and granola bars. Vending machines also offer convenience for hospital staff who are on the go and may not have time to sit down for a meal. Additionally, offering vending machine options can help improve satisfaction among both patients and staff, resulting in a better overall experience for everyone at the hospital.


Vending machines offer convenience and ease to customers, allowing them to easily purchase snacks and drinks without having to wait in lines or search for a store. And what better place to have a vending machine than at an airport? Travellers often find themselves dealing with delays or layovers, and vending machines provide the perfect solution for when restaurants and cafes are closed or crowded. Not only that, but airports also often have a diverse crowd of international travellers who may not be familiar with the local dining options. Vending machines offer familiar products that cater to these diverse tastes and needs. So next time you’re looking for the perfect location to place your vending machine, consider setting up shop at an airport – you’ll likely find plenty of customers ready to take advantage of the convenient treats you have to offer.

Train Stations

When it comes to high traffic areas, train stations often top the list. People are rushing to catch their trains or meet friends and family, and many times they may not have time (or the ability) to pack snacks for the journey. This is where train station vending machines come in handy. These machines offer a convenient solution, providing quick access to snacks and drinks. Plus, with so many travelers passing through on a daily basis, vending machines at train stations can also generate a significant profit for business owners. It’s important to consider placement and make sure the machines are easily accessible, but overall putting vending machines at train stations can be a successful venture.

Bus Stations

When it comes to finding the perfect location for your vending machine business, one often overlooked spot is the bus station. Not only do these areas typically have high foot traffic with people constantly coming and going, but they also offer a captive audience who may be in need of a snack or drink while waiting for their ride. In addition, bus stations are often open 24 hours a day, meaning that your machine will have constant access to potential customers. Plus, since many people at bus stations are likely on a budget and looking for quick and affordable options, they may be especially likely to make a purchase from your vending machine. So next time you’re seeking out new locations for your vending machines, consider the bustling atmosphere of the local bus station.

Shopping Malls

If you are looking for a prime location to place your vending machines, shopping malls should be at the top of your list. Not only do they have high foot traffic from both regular shoppers and mall employees, but they also tend to have long operating hours. This means that your vending machines will have ample opportunities for customers throughout the day. Furthermore, shopping malls usually have diverse demographics, giving your products the chance to attract a wide range of potential buyers. And with multiple stores and attractions in one central location, customers are likely to be specifically looking for a place to grab a snack or beverage. So next time you are selecting locations for your vending machines, make sure to consider the benefits of placing them in busy shopping malls.


Have you ever stayed in a hotel and had the late night craving for a snack or drink? Chances are, the hotel may not have a convenience store nearby and the on-site mini bar may not have what you’re looking for. That’s where vending machines come in. Placing vending machines in hotels can provide convenient options for guests who are looking for something quick to eat or drink. Not only do they offer a wider range of options than a mini bar, but they also provide 24/7 accessibility.

Additionally, having vending machines in hotels can also be profitable for the business itself as they can generate passive income without any extra work. So next time you’re thinking about where to place your vending machines, consider hotels as a potential location.


Placing vending machines in gyms might seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually several reasons why it can be mutually beneficial for both parties.

First, gym-goers are often looking for post-workout snacks or speedy meal options. By offering a selection of healthy choices in addition to traditional vending machine fare, you can provide convenience for customers and support their fitness goals.

Secondly, the typical gym atmosphere is high traffic and therefore often leads to higher sales for the vending machine operator. Finally, partnering with a gym can also potentially lead to additional marketing opportunities such as branded merchandise or sponsored events. In short, placing vending machines in gyms can offer a win-win situation for both the gym and the vendor.

Movie Theaters

If you are in the business of vending machines, consider placing them in movie theaters. Not only do movie theaters attract large numbers of potential customers, but they also offer a unique opportunity for impulse buying. When people are waiting in line or deciding on snacks during the film, they may be more likely to make a spontaneous purchase from your machine.

Additionally, movie theaters often provide prime real estate for your machines as they often have limited space for food vendors and may be willing to negotiate placement in exchange for a percentage of profits. So next time you’re looking for new locations to place your vending machine business, remember the value of movie theaters. It could be just the boost you need for increased sales and success.

Amusement Parks

Vending machines can be a lucrative business for owners, but finding the right location is key to success. Amusement parks offer the ideal environment for vending machines. These places often see large crowds of people looking for snacks and drinks, making them willing to spend on convenient options like vending machines. In addition, amusement parks offer extended operating hours and multiple opportunities for high foot traffic, maximizing revenue potential for owners. Plus, amusement parks tend to have a captive audience who are not able to leave the premises in search of food options, further increasing sales potential. So if you are looking for an profitable location for your vending machines, consider targeting amusement parks as an option.

How do I ask a business owner to place a vending machine in their building?

If you’re looking to place a vending machine in a business building, the first thing to do is research the building and its owner. Find out if they already have vending machines, and if not, what type of products or services they currently offer. It’s also important to understand their customer demographic and how a vending machine would fit within that audience.

Once you have this information, approach the owner with a tailored pitch highlighting the benefits of having a vending machine in their establishment. Present data on potential profits and discuss how it could increase foot traffic and business for them. Be sure to bring sample products or provide information on the variety of options that will be available in the machine. Ultimately, the success of your pitch will depend on how well you present a mutually beneficial solution for both parties. Good luck!

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