54+ Best Places to Put Vending Machines

There’s no doubt about it, vending machines are a great way to make some extra cash. But where should you put them? In this article, we’ll share the best places to put vending machines, based on our experience. We hope this will help you maximize your vending machine profits and make your vending business a success!

Whether you’re starting a vending machine company or starting an honor snacks box business, discover the best places to locate your vending machines to earn the most income.

Best Locations to Place Vending Machines

1. Office Buildings

The average office worker spends almost 1,800 hours at their workplace each year, and many rely on convenient snacks and drinks to fuel themselves through a busy day. Vending machines offer an easy solution for when the cafeteria or nearby restaurants are closed or unavailable. Not only do vending machines provide a convenient snack option, but they can also bring in additional revenue for the office building. A constraint with these locations is you often can only refill them on business days during work hours.

2. Schools

Vending machines have become a common sight in schools, offering a convenient snack or drink during a break in the day. However, these machines can serve a greater purpose beyond just providing snacks. By placing vending machines in schools, business owners can help support the school with each sale. This funding can be used for necessary supplies and resources, or even fun activities like field trips and assemblies. Plus, by offering healthy food options in addition to more traditional options, vending machines can also play a role in teaching young people about nutrition and making healthy choices. When placed thoughtfully and with consideration for the needs of the school community, vending machines can offer both convenience and support for schools.

3. Hospitals

When people have to stay in the hospital, they often require extra snacks and drinks to keep their energy levels up. However, hospitals can’t always provide all of the options that patients may want. This is where vending machines come in. By placing vending machines in hospitals, patients can easily access a wider range of options, including healthier choices like fruit and granola bars. Vending machines also offer convenience for hospital staff who are on the go and may not have time to sit down for a meal. Additionally, offering vending machine options can help improve satisfaction among both patients and staff, resulting in a better overall experience for everyone at the hospital.

4. Airports

Vending machines offer convenience and ease to customers, allowing them to easily purchase snacks and drinks without having to wait in lines or search for a store. And what better place to have a vending machine than at an airport? Travellers often find themselves dealing with delays or layovers, and vending machines provide the perfect solution for when restaurants and cafes are closed or crowded. Not only that, but airports also often have a diverse crowd of international travellers who may not be familiar with the local dining options. Vending machines offer familiar products that cater to these diverse tastes and needs. So next time you’re looking for the perfect location to place your vending machine, consider setting up shop at an airport – you’ll likely find plenty of customers ready to take advantage of the convenient treats you have to offer.

5. Train Stations

When it comes to high traffic areas, train stations often top the list. People are rushing to catch their trains or meet friends and family, and many times they may not have time (or the ability) to pack snacks for the journey. This is where train station vending machines come in handy. These machines offer a convenient solution, providing quick access to snacks and drinks. Plus, with so many travelers passing through on a daily basis, vending machines at train stations can also generate a significant profit for business owners. It’s important to consider placement and make sure the machines are easily accessible, but overall putting vending machines at train stations can be a successful venture.

6. Bus Stations

When it comes to finding the perfect location for your vending machine business, one often overlooked spot is the bus station. Not only do these areas typically have high foot traffic with people constantly coming and going, but they also offer a captive audience who may be in need of a snack or drink while waiting for their ride. In addition, bus stations are often open 24 hours a day, meaning that your machine will have constant access to potential customers. Plus, since many people at bus stations are likely on a budget and looking for quick and affordable options, they may be especially likely to make a purchase from your vending machine. So next time you’re seeking out new locations for your vending machines, consider the bustling atmosphere of the local bus station.

7. Shopping Malls

If you are looking for a prime location to place your vending machines, shopping malls should be at the top of your list. Not only do they have high foot traffic from both regular shoppers and mall employees, but they also tend to have long operating hours. This means that your vending machines will have ample opportunities for customers throughout the day. Furthermore, shopping malls usually have diverse demographics, giving your products the chance to attract a wide range of potential buyers. And with multiple stores and attractions in one central location, customers are likely to be specifically looking for a place to grab a snack or beverage. So next time you are selecting locations for your vending machines, make sure to consider the benefits of placing them in busy shopping malls.

8. Hotels

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and had the late night craving for a snack or drink? Chances are, the hotel may not have a convenience store nearby and the on-site mini bar may not have what you’re looking for. That’s where vending machines come in. Placing vending machines in hotels can provide convenient options for guests who are looking for something quick to eat or drink. Not only do they offer a wider range of options than a mini bar, but they also provide 24/7 accessibility.

Additionally, having vending machines in hotels can also be profitable for the business itself as they can generate passive income without any extra work. So next time you’re thinking about where to place your vending machines, consider hotels as a potential location.

9. Gyms

Placing vending machines in gyms might seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually several reasons why it can be mutually beneficial for both parties.

First, gym-goers are often looking for post-workout snacks or speedy meal options. By offering a selection of healthy choices in addition to traditional vending machine fare, you can provide convenience for customers and support their fitness goals.

Secondly, the typical gym atmosphere is high traffic and therefore often leads to higher sales for the vending machine operator. Finally, partnering with a gym can also potentially lead to additional marketing opportunities such as branded merchandise or sponsored events. In short, placing vending machines in gyms can offer a win-win situation for both the gym and the vendor.

10. Movie Theaters

If you are in the business of vending machines, consider placing them in movie theaters. Not only do movie theaters attract large numbers of potential customers, but they also offer a unique opportunity for impulse buying. When people are waiting in line or deciding on snacks during the film, they may be more likely to make a spontaneous purchase from your machine.

Additionally, movie theaters often provide prime real estate for your machines as they often have limited space for food vendors and may be willing to negotiate placement in exchange for a percentage of profits. So next time you’re looking for new locations to place your vending machine business, remember the value of movie theaters. It could be just the boost you need for increased sales and success.

11. Amusement Parks

Vending machines can be a lucrative business for owners, but finding the right location is key to success. Amusement parks offer the ideal environment for vending machines. These places often see large crowds of people looking for snacks and drinks, making them willing to spend on convenient options like vending machines. In addition, amusement parks offer extended operating hours and multiple opportunities for high foot traffic, maximizing revenue potential for owners. Plus, amusement parks tend to have a captive audience who are not able to leave the premises in search of food options, further increasing sales potential. Though the cost of a vending machine may be high, typically you can charge higher prices in an amusement park. So if you are looking for an profitable location for your vending machines, consider targeting amusement parks as an option.

12. Nursing Homes

Vending machines are a convenient way to make sure that people have access to snacks, drinks, and other self-care items. One great place to consider installing vending machines is in a nursing home. These facilities often contain elderly patients who may not have easy access to shops and supermarkets. Setting up vending machines in a nursing home helps the residents get quick access to the items they need without having to venture out of the facility. It also ensures that they don’t get overwhelmed by long lines at stores with limited items. Additionally, setting up vending machines can also provide jobs for members of the local community.

13. Manufacturing Facility

Vending machines provide convenience, variety, and ease. Installing a vending machine in a manufacturing facility is a great way to offer employees good refreshments conveniently and quickly with minimal costs. By selecting items carefully – ranging from coffee to healthy snacks and drinks – vending machines can promote healthy options as well as simple comforts that can reduce stress among employees. Machines also save time by eliminating long lines at the cafeteria, which may be crowded during meal times; these are not only useful in managing food service standards during peak hours but also allowing more people to be served at a time. Lastly, installing an individually branded and linked digital machine allows employers to gain meaningful insights while providing additional local customer experiences by automating sales channels.

14. Seaport

A seaport is a great place to install a vending machine because these areas tend to attract travelers who may be looking for snacks or drinks during their journey. Additionally, seaports typically have lots of foot traffic from people waiting for boats or ships to arrive or depart and may benefit from having easy access to food and beverages. By offering items such as soda, chips, candy bars, energy drinks, and more in a vending machine, customers can conveniently grab something quickly when they need it without having to wait in line at the snack bar or spend time leaving the docks in search of a store. The location at a seaport also allows vendors to reach a wide range of potential buyers with diverse needs and preferences.

15. Parks

Parks are great places to offer vending machines as they bring in an additional source of revenue. Not only that, but they can help people in need by providing convenient access to snacks and drinks while they’re enjoying the outdoors. Parks attract locals and travelers alike, making them a great opportunity for wider reach. Placing vending machines nearby playgrounds or other well-used features of the park can bring convenience and fun to many visitors on hot summer days when refreshments come in handy. With proper maintenance and ample stock, parks with vending machines can help create a positive guest experience with lasting impacts.

16. Sports Fields

Vending machines can be found in a variety of places, and one great example is at sports fields. This allows spectators to quickly pick up something to eat or drink before, during, or after the game. Not only do vending machines provide convenience for those attending sporting matches, but they also bring in additional revenue for the field. It’s a win-win solution! Furthermore, having vending machines at places such as these can make it easier to cater to various dietary preferences while providing plenty of healthy options. When looking for an ideal spot for installing a vending machine, sports fields should remain at the top of your list.

17. Gas Stations

Gas stations are a great place for vending machines because customers have time to interact with them. Not only do people visit a gas station to fill up their tank, but they also take a break, which gives them plenty of time to explore the extra items and snacks that vending machines offer. Vendors can capitalize on this by creating an eye-catching display with their machines or stocking them with limited edition items that customers can’t get anywhere else. In addition, gas stations are often located on major highways, giving them access to hundreds of potential customers every day.

18. Auto Repair Centers

Vending machines can be a great service to customers of any type of business. For auto repair centers, having a vending machine as an option for light snacks and beverages on the premises can be especially beneficial for customers who are waiting for their vehicles to be serviced. It adds convenience, and with the right selection of items it can actually increase customer satisfaction. Not only that, but it can be cost-effective in many ways since there is no need to hire staff to sell food items or worry about cleaning the area up afterwards. Therefore, auto repair centers are just one example of a great setting for utilizing vending machines.

19. Auto Dealers

Vending machines can be great money-making tools, and finding the right niche market is key to success. One area that may prove lucrative is auto dealerships. These are typically located in busy areas, they are surrounded by people with a large amount of disposable income, and they have customers who may be looking for snacks or drinks while waiting for service. What’s more, they are open all day long so you’ll get plenty of engagement with your product without fail. If you’re thinking about where to start out with vending machines, auto dealers might be the right place for you!

20. Home Improvement Stores

When looking for great places to install vending machines, one great option is to look at home improvement stores. Home improvement stores are typically full of customers searching for different items related to their projects and tasks. Thus, having a variety of drinks and refreshing snacks available can be a very useful addition as people can take a break from their shopping and enjoy something tasty. Additionally, having the vending machines regularly stocked will further insure that customers have the convenience of grabbing snacks or pulling out exact change for these products. Overall, setting up vending machines in home improvement stores is a good option for those looking to increase snack sales in an area of foot traffic.

21. Apartment Buildings

For those looking to place a vending machine for profitable gain, there are some great options out there. Apartments buildings make for ideal spots as many people live in them and need convenient access to snacks, drinks and other items. Adding a vending machine means the tenants don’t have to go far to buy the items they need which potentially increases sales. When setting up the machines it is important to make sure they are placed strategically within easy visual range so everyone notices them, as well as in an area of high foot traffic for maximum exposure. Stocking the machines with popular goods will help ensure success.

22. Churches

Churches make great places to install vending machines. Not only do they have plenty of foot traffic, making a steady stream of potential customers, but churches often possess community spaces where congregants stop for a drink or snack between services or after events. This makes churches an ideal spot to advertise or sell goods, as there’s already an established gathering place that requires no additional remodeling costs and can accommodate multiple machines if desired. In addition, this type of commerce strengthens the relationship between churchgoers and their faith-based organization while simultaneously providing much needed revenue in the form of snack sales.

23. Hair Salons

Hair salons and other similar locations can benefit greatly from the addition of vending machines, offering items like sunscreen, hair accessories, and even snacks. Customers appreciate having these items readily available without having to step away from their appointment or wait in line at another store. Not only does this help generate repeat customers who frequent for the convenience of offered products, it also acts as an additional income stream for the salon. The key to success with vending machines lies in understanding customer needs and providing them with reasonable access to those items during their time at the salon.

24. Doctor Offices

One great spot to install vending machines is doctor’s offices. Being in the waiting room of a doctor’s office can be a stressful, tedious experience. For example, many patients are often asked to wait for an indeterminate amount of time as they wait for their name to be called. To help pass the time and give individuals something to focus on during the wait, installing vending machines that offer beverages, snacks, or even health care products like headphones or magazines can be useful since these machines can provide some form of relief for those who are already feeling anxious about waiting. Furthermore, Health Care providers can also use this opportunity to inform visitors about health-related topics through the material found in these vending machines while they wait.

25. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

One great place to install a vending machine is the Department of Motor Vehicles; the convenience of having essentials like snacks, drinks, and possibly even coffee would be sure to make anyone’s wait more bearable. Not only can it be convenient for customers catching their breathe during their wait times, but it can potentially boost the business revenue from providing these services as well. Additionally, vending machines tend to provide more variety than what could typically be found in brick and mortar stores due to the reduced costs associated with renting them instead of running a full store operation. For customers who may not want anything from the store itself, this is a great option for them that would can bring in increased profits to boot!

26. Government Offices

Vending machines are an easy, efficient way for businesses, organizations, and even governmental entities to provide items for their employees or customers. Government offices make great places for vending machines in particular — keeping snacks and beverages close can help workers take a much needed break during their long hours at work. Installing a vending machine in any office or business location also helps ensure that everyone has convenient access to the items they need without having to expend extra time and effort in running out to get food or drinks. For government offices specifically, having vending machines inside their buildings offers a variety of perks that might not be available outside the premises.

27. Court Buildings

Vending machines can be a great addition to any public area or building, and courts in particular are ideal locations. From snacks and drinks to essential items like eyeglasses and earplugs, having vending machines available allows access to necessities that may otherwise be inconvenient. Court buildings also have high foot traffic, making them an ideal place for people to purchase anything they may have left at home or forgotten. Plus, these areas often have limited options for food and beverages during long court days. Adding vending machines ensures that visitors have plenty of variety while keeping them energized throughout the day!

28. Museums

The museum is an ideal place to have a vending machine because of the many visitors who come to inspect the pieces of art they exhibit. Vending machines can provide these visitors with a delicious snack or refreshing beverage, which is especially useful if the journey to the museum has been a long one. It can make for an enjoyable experience for all attendees without anyone having to leave their place in line or take a break from exploring the premises. Not only do museums benefit from providing this convenience, but also vending machine businesses since it serves as a great opportunity for them to make sales and earn profits.

29. Public Pool

When it comes to finding great places for vending machines, the public pool is often a great option. By positioning the vending machine near the entrance of the pool, you can provide your customers with convenient snacks and drinks as they either enter or leave the pool area. It’s a great way to make sure people get what they want without having to muddle through crowded shop aisles. Another benefit of placing vending machines near a pool is that your clients will feel more motivated to use them due to their tight schedule, which means more potential revenue for you in the long run. Most importantly, using these vending machines encourages your customers to be mindful of healthy snacking options since most vending machines these days offer healthy food and drinks.

30. Laundromats

Investing in vending machines for laundromats is an excellent business opportunity because it provides a potential source of additional income for the owner and adds convenience to laundry patrons. Offering snacks, soft drinks, and other miscellaneous items, such as detergent, fabric softeners and lint brushes can be attractive to customers. Making sure that all products are in good condition and priced fairly are essential to keeping customers satisfied. Additionally, location remains a key factor when considering vending machines – making sure it’s placed in an area that is easily accessible by customers can help ensure maximized profits. With thoughtful placement of the machine, properly maintained merchandise and competitive prices, laundromats have great potential when it comes to filled vending machines!

31. Bars

Vending machines make great additions to bars and other public places because they bring variety to the customers’ options. Vending machines in these establishments provide customers with a much-needed convenience, allowing them to quickly and easily purchase snacks or beverages without interacting with employees. Additionally, having these items readily available can be beneficial for establishments since it keeps customers entertained during lulls in activity. Well-stocked vending machines prove especially helpful during busy hours when staff members may not be able to take orders right away. By providing quality products at reasonable prices, businesses can improve customer satisfaction as well as minimize sales time per customer. Ultimately, adding vending machines to nightlife venues is a simple yet effective way of providing both employees and patrons with additional perks.

32. Beach

When it comes to finding a great place to start your vending machine business, it is hard to beat the beach. There are thousands of people of all ages gathering year-round, each looking for snacks and beverages while they relax in the sun. If you can provide a wide variety of items that your customers want, such as cold drinks, ice cream bars and salty snacks, you can make a tidy profit. Furthermore, since the beach offers protection from the elements and is less likely to get vandalized than other locations, it may be wise to invest in some heavy-duty machines that can protect merchandise from potential moisture damage. A great addition to any beach-side vending machine operation would be having wireless card readers so customers can purchase their desired items without having exact change on hand. With a smart approach and consideration given to the unique environment at the beach, anyone can have their own successful vending machine business!

33. Professional Sports Stadiums

Sporting events are one of the best places to install a vending machine because they attract large numbers of people in one concentrated area. Professional stadiums and other sporting venues offer sports fans the convenience of purchasing a variety of snacks, drinks and other items without waiting in long lines. Additionally, the sheer amount of people present at these stadiums creates a virtual captive audience with lots of potential customers. Vending machines placed strategically around the venue can maximize profits by allowing vendors to take advantage of their high volume customer base while providing convenient snack options to guests.

34. State Parks

Vending machines can be a great addition to state parks, offering items that people need but might not have with them. They can provide snacks, broad-spectrum sunscreen, hats and other small items that people often forget before hitting the trails. Great places for vending machines at state parks include both main entrance areas and popular trailheads so that more visitors have an opportunity to have access to what they need while out exploring nature’s wonders. Not only do vending machines make the experience of visiting state parks more convenient, but they can extend to benefit the local community through sales taxes or commission fees paid by operators who are licensed by state park authorities.

35. Campgrounds

Campgrounds are an ideal space to install vending machines. These areas usually contain many activities that require people to be in motion, hiking, swimming and biking for instance. Being on the go, they will appreciate having quick access to food and drinks without having to go far out of their way. With no nearby stores or amenities, vending machines are a great alternative as they can provide campers with whatever snacks and beverages they need. Moreover, campgrounds can easily install stationary snack stands and roaming foodsellers – such as corn carts – to diversify their offerings. By having vending machines available at the campground, visitors will be able to fuel up conveniently throughout their stay in the area.

36. Highway Rest Stops

Vending machines are a great way for long distance drivers to get snacks, drinks and other items without having to leave the highway. Rest areas are ideal locations because they provide drivers with a safe place to take a break from the road. With appropriate vending machines in these spots, travelers can quickly get convenient snacks or drinks without leaving their vehicles. A benefit of vending machines at rest areas is that they’re regulated by government agencies, so travelers know that products purchased from them have passed certain standards and won’t cause any health problems. Additionally, these types of services save time since customers don’t have to drive around looking for a store. In summary, having vending machines at rest areas on highways is an excellent way to make sure that motorists will be able to access healthy food while on the go.

37. Convention Centers

Convention centers are excellent locations for vending machines to establish a presence. With these large, bustling buildings hosting different activities and events every day, they offer plenty of opportunities for all types of customers to pass through and make purchases. Vending machines can often be strategically placed just outside of designated event spaces or near registration points, so there is always easy access for convention attendees looking for snacks or beverages on their way in or out. Plus, since most convention centers run events throughout the year, people like workers and exhibitors tend to remain relatively consistent as potential customers – giving a more reliable income projection compared to some other public venues.

38. Amphitheaters

Vending machines are a great addition for many spaces, especially amphitheaters where there may be both short-term and long-term visitors who need quick access to refreshments. They can offer a convenient option for people looking to quench their thirst or satisfy their hunger without any hassles. Plus, they can serve as a potential money-maker, with theater owners receiving a portion of the profits from each sale. Fortunately, vending machines come in all shapes and sizes, so theater owners can craft an optimized design that suits the needs of visitors and fits right into the atmosphere of the amphitheater. With careful consideration given to location and variety of products offered, vending machines can become an effective tool that adds convenience and financial incentives!

39. College Campuses

College campuses are perfect locations for vending machines. They are populated by students, faculty, and staff throughout the day who may need a quick snack or beverage. Vending machines installed in the campus facilities can provide those products 24/7 to visitors of all ages. Moreover, campuses often benefit from having a supplier on site for these services, meaning less hassle for food service or custodial staff to stock snacks and drinks. Finally, when strategically placed in high-traffic student locations such as lobbies and cafeteria entrances, vending machine can be beneficial to students who may not have time during the meal rush to buy a snack nearby. Overall, college campuses are ideal locations for vending machines due to their convenience and ease of management.

40. Libraries

Libraries are an often overlooked great place for vending machines. By providing snacks and drinks, library patrons can stay properly hydrated and fueled to keep learning more! It also encourages people to stay longer – after all, who doesn’t love a snack while they’re catching up on their favorite books? Vending machines in libraries also provide an easy way for busy students to grab a quick bite between classes or meetings. And beyond just providing snacks, these vending machines can be used to fill any needs that patrons may have while they’re at the library – from getting post-it notes and paperclips to provding a plethora of other items that could be convenient while studying or doing research.

41. Bowling Alleys

Bowling alleys make great locations for vending machines! Not only do they have plenty of foot traffic, but people visiting the alley also tend to be hungrier and thirstier than average due to the physical activity. To capitalize on this, vending machines should either sell snacks that are fun to eat while bowling, such as candy and popcorn, or healthier options like juices and yogurts. Many people will already be in a celebratory mood due to their successes on the lane, so don’t forget to add some treats with higher pricetags or unique flavors for impulse buys. With careful consideration for both customers and the bottom line, these carefully chosen vending machine selections can result in improved revenue for bowling alleys.

42. Cafeterias

Cafeterias make an ideal location for vending machines, because it can provide customers with an additional convenience. Installing a vending machine in the cafeteria can help reduce long queues at the cash register, particularly during busy mealtimes. Businesses that provide this service also benefit from having their products easily accessible to potential customers throughout the day. It’s important to be mindful when considering which type of vending machine to install and what kind of items should be stocked so that it is both well-stocked and appealing to patrons. Possible items to stock can range from pre-packaged snacks and drinks, to health bars and other convenient meal options. With careful consideration, vending machines can be very beneficial in cafeterias.

43. Fire Stations

Fire stations are an increasingly popular location to place vending machines because they provide a steady stream of customers. Firefighters and first responders tend to work in shifts, so there is always someone around who can benefit from snacks or drinks from a vending machine. As a bonus for the fire station, local businesses may be willing to provide discount prices since their items will get plenty of exposure. Additionally, having a vending machine nearby may even give firefighters and first responders easy access to resources that can make their job easier, such as energy drinks for long shifts or new tools and supplies. With great visibility and plenty of interested individuals, fire stations make great places for vending machines.

44. Retail Stores

Retail stores can provide a great opportunity for vending machine operators, as they have an already captive consumer audience. Vending machines are convenient and enable customers to purchase items quickly and easily while shopping. Placing machines strategically within stores creates more value in the overall customer experience–they provide options not otherwise available in the store. For example, specialty snacks that cannot be found on shelves or tested products still new to the market can be introduced via vending machines. Additionally, machinery maintenance is easy and straightforward for store owners, making them even more appealing. As such, collaboration between the store owner and operators with mutual benefit–such as commission or bulk order discounts–is essential for success.

45. Employee Break Rooms

Vending machines offer convenience and variety to those looking for a quick snack or drink when they are on the go. One of the great places you will often find vending machines is in employee break rooms. Not only do these help keep employees’ energy levels up, but they also give workers an option nearby if they do not have time to pack a lunch according to their breaks. Having easy access to snacks and beverages limits the amount of time employees must step away from their desks, leading to improved productivity. It’s important that the items stocked in employee break room vending machines are healthy and cost-effective so it becomes a routine part of their daily routine.

46. Golf Courses

Golf courses are an excellent environment for introducing vending machines providing snacks, drinks and other amenities. The benefits are two-fold – golfers get a convenient way to restock supplies between rounds while the course management reaps greater profit margins with less effort than offering in-house snack bars. When investing in a quality vending machine, it’s important to ensure your selections match the customer profile and the associated costs with refilling and maintenance are taken into account. Vending machines can also be adjusted to fit budget limitations, allowing for stocking of specific or popular items over time. Investing in such equipment can help strengthen relationships between course management and customers by providing convenience and even greater variety of products for purchase.

47. Mobile Home Parks

Placing vending machines in mobile home parks is an excellent marketing choice for any business. Because of the large concentration of people, businesses can maximize profits from the easy access and convenience that vending machines provide. Mobile home parks offer an ideal environment due to their common housing structure, curbside parking spots, and offers shelter from any adverse weather conditions. This makes it easy for potential customers to spot the machine, make a purchase decision, and transact quickly with minimal risk or effort. Furthermore, many mobile homes offer public gathering spots such as laundry rooms and community centers where people tend to congregate which provides more opportunities to increase visibility and sales. Setting machines in these types of locations can be mutually beneficial by providing additional income for park owners while giving entrepreneurs a handy place to advertise their product.

48. RV Parks

When it comes to selecting the best locations for vending machines, RV parks should be at the top of the list. Not only are there ample visitors who may be looking for a quick snack, but these parks come with a built-in audience of traveling campers who spend significant time outside and may appreciate the convenience of a vending machine in close proximity. Operators can also benefit from reasonable rental rates since maps and on-site amenities often make it easy to reach out to interested partners. Plus, many RV parks have regular events or installations where customers may congregate, creating additional opportunities for high impulse sales of snacks and drinks. So RV park operators and entrepreneurs looking to set up a vending business should definitely consider this option as they plan their route towards success!

49. Farmers Market

Farmers markets are increasingly becoming one of the best places for vendors to place their machines. They tend to boast high foot traffic and a wide variety of customers, giving sellers great exposure. Plus, being located outdoors allows for more freedom and creativity in terms of placement. For example, most vending machines can be set up at a designated spot near the entrance or a particular storefront where they attract the most attention. Additionally, farmers market shoppers often have plenty of downtime while they wait in line or browse products so placing a snack-filled vending machine nearby can satisfy their cravings – increasing potential sales and profits.

50. Pharmacies

Vending machines can be found in a variety of places, but pharmacies are often an ideal location. They generally have a lot of foot traffic due to people picking up prescriptions, but more importantly the right kind of items could be sold that would help to enhance their bottom line. Snacks, drinks and other health related products such as over-the-counter medication and vitamins are all potential items that could be stocked. Not only do these items usually carry decent profit margins for the store, but they can also give customers convenience when they just need something small on the go. Placing vending machines in pharmacies makes for a great business opportunity for both parties involved.

51. Casinos

Vending machines are an integral part of modern life, and more often than not they can be found in casinos. While putting vending machines anywhere makes sense, casinos present some amazing opportunities that are worth exploring. For starters, casino patrons may be more likely to buy snacks at higher prices because they’re already preoccupied with their gambling activities. Furthermore, casinos have plenty of walking space, making it easy for customers to browse whatever potato chips, candy bars or juices might be available in the vending machines. Without needing to hire extra staff for these tasks, as well as the potential big profits from large numbers of customers every day, it is no wonder why having vending machines in a casino can be a winning combination!

52. Family Entertainment Centers

One of the great places to have vending machines is at family entertainment centers. With the many activities that take place there, such as laser tag, mini golf and arcades, families are sure to build up an appetite and need a quick snack. It is also convenient for parents whose children can use the money they already had to buy a treat after participating in activities. Generally, vending machines not only provide snacks and drinks but they can offer even more variety depending on location and type of business. For instance, some family entertainment centers have vended items like toys or trinkets which appeal to children and make for fun little gifts. Furthermore, if the space allows it, including some merchandise from the entertainment center itself could prove beneficial for marketing purposes. All in all, vending machines give family entertainment centers one more infrastructure for providing customers with products or services to make their visit even more enjoyable.

53. Call Centers

Vending machines can be a great addition to call centers and other places in the customer service industry. Adding snacks to an environment that can become stressful over the course of time can be a great way to boost morale and provide employees with something simple to look forward to during their shift. Furthermore, snacks available for purchase can also serve as an extra added convenience for customers who may have been waiting on the line for some time. For employers, adding vending machines is a cost-effective way to keep employees and customers happy and appreciated in return.

54. Dance Studios

Vending machines are a great way to offer convenience and rewards for hard working people. Dance studios in particular often make great locations for vending machines because dancers can get a quick snack or drink after class when they don’t have time to sit down and eat. Installing vending machines in dance studios also opens up opportunities for promotions, such as discounted items for frequent customers or an exclusive item just for dancers – giving them something to look forward to every time they come back! Making snacks and drinks available at the studio ensures that busy dancers have what they need before, during, and after classes – keeping their bodies energized while they learn.

55. The Zoo

Placing vending machines at the zoo offers an interesting approach to create profit while providing a unique experience for visitors. It provides a valuable service, as it often coincides with high-traffic sites that need a convenient, on-the-spot purchase option available. Vending machines are low maintenance and require little supervision, so they are ideal for places like zoos where staff needs to be focused on more important tasks. Snacks and drinks can be put into the machines for convenience, eliminating long lines for food and providing everything needed to keep people energized during their time there. Additionally, offering competitive pricing allows those who visit to access affordable options – perfect for families with young children who often look for cheaper alternatives when out and about.

How do I ask a business owner to place a vending machine in their building?

If you’re looking to place a vending machine in a business building, the first thing to do is research the building and its owner. Find out if they already have vending machines, and if not, what type of products or services they currently offer. It’s also important to understand their customer demographic and how a vending machine would fit within that audience.

Once you have this information, approach the owner with a tailored pitch highlighting the benefits of having a vending machine in their establishment. Present data on potential profits and discuss how it could increase foot traffic and business for them. Be sure to bring sample products or provide information on the variety of options that will be available in the machine. Ultimately, the success of your pitch will depend on how well you present a mutually beneficial solution for both parties. Good luck!

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Jeremy Reis is a serial entrepreneur from the Franklin, Tennessee area. Jeremy is the founder of multiple businesses and is the VP of Marketing for CRISTA Ministries. Jeremy has his MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship from The Ohio State University.