Ballroom Dancing

Do you enjoy ballroom dancing? Do you swing dance with the best of them? Open a ballroom dancing instruction studio and teach others a hobby you enjoy.

Elegant ballroom dancing is becoming popular again thanks to new television shows and stars’ involvement. Take advantage of this trend and start teaching dance.

How do I get started?

There are two main requirements for this business: a dance instructor and a location to hold the lessons. If you do not have your own office space, you can rent hotel ballrooms, your local senior center, or a community center room to teach your lessons in. Advertise in local publications and on community boards throughout the local area.

One creative marketing technique is to advertise your business through local wedding planners, bridal shops, and churches. Engaged couples often want to take a few dance lessons to learn some skills before being thrust in front of several hundred friends and family at their reception.

You can typically teach several couples in one class.

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