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Start an Advertising Broker Service

An advertising broker specializes in matching advertising buyers with multiple advertising space sellers. Advertising brokers can deal in large volumes of advertising space, creating more revenue for the space sellers. An advertising broker must love sales. Advertising brokers can specialize in a specific format or sell advertisements in several different areas. Advertisements could be in [...]

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9 Recession Proof Businesses You Can Start

With economists continuing to revise their estimate of when the economy will recover, its time to review your future options to ensure you make it through the times of economic distress. I don’t know many people who feel “secure” in their current job, though I know many people looking to launch their own business startup [...]

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Start a Home Staging Business

In the wild real estate market of just a few years ago, you didn’t have to do much to prepare your house for sale. You could basically do a good cleaning and sell your house quickly if it was in decent shape. Nowadays, with a more realistic real estate market – and a buyer’s market [...]

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How to Design a Coffee Shop Menu

Before you begin planning out your shop, before you even select your location, you need to have an idea of what will be on your menu. This is because your space and funds will determine what you can prepare, and your demographics will determine what will sell. Legal Issues: Remember that you need to make [...]

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Specialty Coffee Drinks Glossary

The fun of owning a coffee shop is the wide array of specialty coffee drinks that you get to create. As you design your coffee shop menu, you will find that creating a variety of options for your customers will increase coffee drink sales and your overall volume will increase. There are a few basics, [...]

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6 Alternative Drinks to Serve in Your Coffee Shop

Alternatives, alternatives, alternatives. Americans increasingly expect alternatives to everything, everywhere they go. To meet this demand, you’ll want to make sure your shop is stocked with coffee and tea alternatives. Here are a few can’t-miss items. Chai Chai is a fulfilling, invigorating blend of black tea, milk, spices, and sweetener. It is a drink of [...]

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How to Steam Milk – the Art of Steaming Milk

While a good espresso pull is one half of most quality specialty drinks, skillfully steamed or frothed milk makes up the other half. Different types of milk have different frothing properties, so it will take some experimentation on your part before you have the technique down. Here are a few tips: ¨ Cold milk froths [...]

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