Explore Startups has created a number of ebooks to help you start your own business. These are ebooks to help you with startup and management of the business, as well as sample business plans you can use to find funding, business partners, or guide you through writing your own business plan.

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The Guide to Starting and Running a Coffee Shop

Many of us dream about starting our own coffee shop – and now you can, with this complete guide to starting your own coffee shop. Learn insider secrets to starting a running a coffee shop in this instantly available ebook download. More Information »[/threecol_two_last]



Coffee Shop Business Plan

Writing your first business plan can seem intimidating. With this sample coffee shop business plan, you will understand how to form your own business plan and find funding, partners, and success for your coffee shop. Available in Microsoft .doc format for easy editing. More Information »[/threecol_two_last]


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Guide to Starting Your Own Catering Business

If you love cooking, entertaining, and preparing meals, starting a catering business might be right for you. Our catering business expert, Andrew Thompson, walks you through starting your own catering business in this complete guide. If you want to be a successful caterer, start here! More Information »[/threecol_two_last]


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How to Start Your Own Child Care Center

Many people enjoy the challenge of caring for and educating young children. A child care center is a lucrative and fulfilling business to start. Learn more in our guide to starting your own day care center. More Information »[/threecol_two_last]


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Child Care Center Business Plan

You may be an expert in child education, caring for young children, and after school programs, but how do you put together a business plan that will help you receive funding and assistance for your new day care center? In our easy to use, and complete, sample child care center business plan, you will find a Word document you can customize for your new business. More Information »[/threecol_two_last]