Soap Making

Soap making is a very high margin business. Help make a difference with people with calming scents with your high end soaps. Can be sold online, at fairs, or through gift stores.

Soap making is a popular and fairly easy business to start and can produce high margins. You will need space in your home or rented space to create your candles.

You can purchase soap making supplies from soap manufacturing wholesalers.

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  • Jenny Martin

    This is a precise idea! I know a lot of people who have their own soap making business, I usually find a bunch of them at my local flee market and their soaps are always high in demand. Especially if you go the organic route. I am considering doing something like this in the near future!

    • Jeremy

      The organic route is in high demand as people become more environmentally conscious. I really believe this business has high income potential for a home business.