Sandwich Shop

Starting a sandwich shop is the path to business ownership for thousands of entrepreneurs. From franchises like Subway, Quizno’s, or Firehouse Subs to single restaurants like Joe’s Sub Shop, owning a sub/sandwich shop is the dream of many potential sandwich artists.

Owning a sub shop can be a rewarding business: open for lunch and dinner, sub shops offer a much less demanding schedule versus traditional restaurants. The margin for the food is good and finding employees is relatively easy. It’s not easy work, but you will find owning a sandwich shop is fulfilling work for the tens of thousands of sub shop owners.

The Market for a Sub Shop

Subway alone has over 31,000 franchises in 91 countries worldwide. The market opportunity for a sub shop or deli is a very localized decision. Most customers to a deli, sub, or sandwich shop come from within a couple mile radius, making your market research and focus on a particular area near where you live.

You can survey potential locations for your sub shop by reviewing the corporate and business activity in a section of your town. A majority of your business will come from lunch customers in the local area, so you should review the businesses in the area and their current lunch options. If you are located near several large corporations with cafeteria operations, your business may be much smaller than in an area with a lot of smaller firms with no in-house food options.

How to Start Your Sub Sandwich Shop

A sandwich shop can be very successful if you start right. The biggest mistake sub sandwich shop owners make is being under capitalized – not having enough money banked for 1-2 years of cash-flow negative cash flow. Start with a realistic business plan and enough capital to start the shop and operate it for 1-2 years.

Finding the Right Location for Your Sub Sandwich Shop

There are several points to keep in mind when deciding on the location for your sub sandwich shop:

  1. Define who your customers are.
  2. Conduct foot traffic analysis and research for your potential locations.
  3. Survey your potential customers.
  4. Analyze the numbers.

After performing your market research, you will have great data to determine if the location you chose is the right one for your new deli.

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