Perfume Shop

Consumers spend over $5.1 billion on fragrances each year. You can own a piece of this market by opening your own perfume shop.

Top designer fragrances spend millions of dollars on advertising which your perfume shop can take advantage of. You can sell your perfumes directly in a retail store, wholesale, online, or subcontract space in an existing department store. You could also open a kiosk at the mall before committing to a long term lease on retail space.

How do I get started?

You can find various perfume distributors online or at tradeshows. You will purchase your perfumes and colognes from a wholesaler and then sell at retail. You could also choose to create your own perfumes.

We recommend using all natural ingredients if you choose to create your own perfumes or colognes.

Choosing your distribution method is very important. We recommend choosing to sell perfume in a kiosk or by renting space inside an existing retail location. This reduces your long term commitment and still test your retail success.

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