Customized Children’s Books

If you have a writing talent and want to express those creative juices in a fun way, you can start a business creating customized children’s books. Begin by writing several generic children’s books with different storylines.  As someone orders a book for their child, customize it with their names, their friends’ names, etc. These can be custom ordered on your website or through local toy stores. You may need to hire an artist to illustrate the books if you are not an artist yourself.

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  • Mistyhawkes

    It’s insane you don’t have any comments already! This site is AWESOME!! I read your article on starting a small publishing company and this one on customized children’s books. Any idea how to let ppl order books with the names they choose for the characters actually printed in it? Without having to create a completely different book each time with a different ISBN?

  • Mistyhawkes

    Also, do you know how I’d be able to make the books available on kindle?