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A Campus Guide Website is one which provides information about a local university campus area and provides a calendar of events, shopping directory, living information, and other information of interest to college students. A campus area guide website makes money from advertising local merchants, restaurants, bars, performance venues, and vendors.

A Campus Area Guide Website is a timely source of information for students and one which can provide a valuable service – not only can the students find information about their local college campus, but you can also offer coupons from select stores, vendors, and restaurants. You can also provide a campus area events calendar to help promote local bands, shows, theatre, sport events, and events in the local community.

The website should be designed to appeal to students, offer something valuable to them (e.g. coupons or online ticket sales), and be designed to appeal to a wide audience in the student body. You can do this by hiring students from the Journalism school to write articles and maintain event information for the site. These students are fairly inexpensive because they value the experience you can give them and much of the work can be performed virtually, not requiring an office to work from. Additionally, you can use students as salespeople to find local businesses to place ads with the website.

Marketing the site is the biggest hurdle – how do you reach students who are bombarded with so many options for information?

How do I get started?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of a site like this is that you can quickly find college students to write much of your content and even handle ad sales for you. Additionally, you will often be able to find talented web designers on college campuses to help you design the site. This adds to their portfolio of work, but also gives you an affordable option to have a site designed by members of the customer segment.

Once you have the site designed, you will need to seek out stores, restaurants, bars, and venues to advertise on your site. You can offer several advertising packages to them, including the opportunity to place coupons on your site to bring students into their establishments. Many of these businesses already use a lot of advertising mediums to get their name and coupons to students, so if you can consistently deliver new business to them, they will use your website and advertise with your company.

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