Many calligraphy artists start out learning calligraphy as a hobby – writing invitations to their wedding, or certificates for their local Troop. Even those with minimal artistic ability can learn how to write calligraphy. Take this letter writing skill and turn it from calligraphy hobby into calligraphy business is easy!

If you are not yet a calligraphy expert, you can learn the letter writing skill by picking up an inexpensive calligraphy training kit and calligraphy pen kit at a local craft store. Additionally, there are several calligraphy training programs available to teach you the art of writing calligraphy and how you can turn this skill into a money making calligraphy business.

Calligraphy can be used for wedding invitations, thank you notes, award certificates, classy restaurant menus, event programs, business cards, and logo designs. Many print shops currently use computers for calligraphy, so the hand touch is appreciated by potential customers.

Fortunately, this is a low cost business to get started – and you can work out of your home.

How do I get started?

First, you need to acquire the skill of calligraphy if you do not yet have it. Starting a calligraphy business requires you to be able to write calligraphy, so you should first try a calligraphy training kit to see if you can learn the skill quickly. Calligraphy takes practice, so start building a portfolio of your best samples now.

Second, once you have learned the art of calligraphy, begin building your profile to seek out potential customers. The best way to initially find calligraphy customers is to partner with print shops, wedding planners, event centers, churches, and other organizations who either require calligraphy expertise or who have clients who require calligraphy expertise. You can set these subcontract deals up as a referral deal – they refer clients to you – or a subcontract markup deal – they handle selling the calligraphy service, marked up, and you take a fee for the work. Either way, most calligraphy artists earn $25-$50 per hour.

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