Bird Shop

Starting a bird shop is a great way to take something you love (birds) and turn it into a profitable business! A bird shop sells birds and accessories to help people cage and raise birds. Pet shops generated over $9.5 billion last year and employed almost 100,000 people. Take this opportunity to start a bird shop, succeed in business, and put a feather in your cap.

Starting a bird shop is a relatively simple process and does not involve any specific training or education. You will want to know your way around a bird cage so you can properly care for the pet birds your shop sells.

The main requirement for a bird shop is a decent retail location. You do not need a prime retail location as most bird lovers will go out of the way to visit your shop and typically do not make spur of the moment purchase decisions that other retail stores require. Therefore, look for strip malls and other locations which do not have excessive rent.

You will need to review your local city and state regulations regarding pet stores and pet care in retail locations. There may be laws, regulations, or permit considerations when deciding where to locate your pet store.

How do I get started?

Once you have found your ideal retail location and negotiated your rent, you will need to build out the store to work as a bird store. This may require shelving, equipment, furniture, cages, pet waste disposal systems, and other items as required by local health code.

After you construct your store, you will need to decide which birds you want to sell and what kind of goods to sell. You can find a pet equipment wholesaler to provide cages and bird accessories to sell at retail. There are regional bird farms which will breed and raise birds for your store. Additionally, you might check for local organizations that take in pet birds after someone dies or when a family is tired of caring for a pet bird. This may be an easy and inexpensive way to stock your store with birds.

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