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Casual Male Retail Group, a retailer of Big & Tall men’s clothing has 500 stores and generated half a billion dollars in revenue last year! Big & Tall clothing stores generate a lot of revenue because this market segment has few choices for clothing and still want reasonable, fashionable, and affordable clothes. By tailoring to this client base, a big and tall men’s clothing store can make a lot of money!

A Big & Tall retail clothing shop provides a selection of clothing designed for large men. This segment of the population is neglected by mainstream department stores and most big box retailers. By providing fashionable and durable clothes to big and tall men, this type of retailer can carve out a niche in the market otherwise dominated by big players.

A Big and Tall retail store purchases clothes at wholesale and resells them to their clients.

Many Big & Tall stores also have their own private brands – often providing a significant profit markup on clothes cheaper at retail than the big brands such as Carribean Joe, Nautica Jeans, Geoffrey Beene, Izod, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Bahama.

How do I get started?

Starting a retail store is a big financial investment. What’s true with retail stores is true with other real estate investments: it’s location, location, location. Your retail store should be a in a location which caters to your clientele: big and tall men. Ideally, this could be near or in a shopping mall, or near popular sports retail outlets.

Build-out costs of a retail location typically cost 15-20% of the cost of the store construction. Your budget should be planned to add-on an additional 10% of your construction or refurbishment costs as a buffer – construction always seems to go over budget if you let it.


You can fill your inventory through clothing wholesalers – a one store chain of clothing stores typically does not get noticed by the manufacturers. Big and Tall men’s clothing is produced by just a small subsection of the clothing industry as a whole, so it should be easy to select from the lines of clothing available.


We recommend hiring an experienced store manager at startup. Having an experienced store manager can help keep costs down and hire the right employees to fill the roles needed at startup. Selling to men is different than selling to women, running a boutique, or selling shoes. Employees should be trained in the sales process to assist these specific customers to make a sale.

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