Baby Names

With each pregnancy comes a renewed excitement over coming up with just the right name for our baby. Parents worldwide search books, websites, newspapers, movie credits – everywhere trying to find the right name for their baby. A baby name site collects these lists of baby names in one central location – categorized and sorted in countless ways for people to find the perfect name for their child.

It is important not only to have breadth – lots of names for parents to choose from – but also depth, unique names which will help parents find just the right name for their baby.

Setting up this type of website doesn’t require a large investment or significant infrastructure – the most time will be spent inputting the names and categorizing them.

You can find lists of names in all sorts of locations, most notably from the government. The US government publishes lists of the most popular names which will provide an easy place to start to create your list.

How do I get started?

As we mentioned, developing a site like this doesn’t require a large investment and most beginning web developers could create it. You could go about the task of finding a developer yourself, or you could outsource the task. If you check with your local community colleges, art schools, or technical institutes, you could probably find a few students who would be willing to develop a site like this for a minimal cost. Otherwise, you could use a site like or and hire a web developer to work with you on your baby names site.

It’s important to provide an easy to use interface for parents. Many of the visitors to your baby names site will not be technology gurus and you should create your site accordingly.

Earning Revenue with a Baby Names Site

The most popular method of earning income with a site like this is through advertising. You can use an existing advertising network (such as Google, TribalFusion, or FastClick) to sell ad space on, or you could approach companies which would be natural advertisers for this type of site such as Proctor and Gamble, Parenting Magazine, or Johnson and Johnson.

You could also offer other services on the site such as a baby planner or information about different stages of the pregnancy.

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