Antique Shop

Antiques, especially in older communities, can represent a very high margin business. Antiques are very fashionable and antique furniture is a very expensive item for people to purchase – though one which can last for generations. If you have a love for old things, turn your passion into your business dream with an antiques store.

There are an estimated 45,000 antique store in the United States.

Antiques are commonly defined as items over 100 years old, but you will find most antique stores carry collectibles from the 20th century. Antique shoppers are not always looking for items of a particular age, but of a particular look and feel.

As an antique dealer, you will buy and sell antiques and collectibles. Though there are some Internet-based antique dealers, most succeed in the retail market as most buyers prefer to touch and feel the antiques prior to purchase.

How do I get started?

You will need a solid understanding of how to price antiques as you will not want to overpay for merchandise for sale in your shop. There are several guides available which provide an estimated wholesale and retail price for antiques. We recommend reviewing several different guides for pricing to ensure you are purchasing at a good price.

Next, you will need to purchase enough stock for your store. Start looking in uptowns and shopping districts for available storefronts to lease. You will need to acquire a temperature and humidity controlled storage area for any antiques you purchase prior to your store opening.

Once you have found a retail location, lease out the space and begin the buildout of your store. Once this is complete, you are ready to launch your antique store!

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