Air Cleaner Sales

Americans spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors. Most homeowners mistakenly believe the air quality in their house is very high and do not understand that the $2 air filter on the HVAC system does not prevent airborne diseases, bacteria, dust, and other particles. In fact – if you asked a homeowner the last time they changed an air filter – it may have not been since they moved in! Home air purifiers are tools used to clean the indoor air environment and reduce suffering for those who suffer from asthma, the common cold, dust allergies and more.

The indoor home air purification business continues to grow as people begin to realize the importance of clean air in their homes. You can enter this market as an independent sales rep or as an air purification dealership.

Asthma and Air Purifiers

There are an estimated 18 million Americans who have asthma and many millions more with an undiagnosed light case of asthma. An air purifier can help an asthmatic by cleaning dust, pollen, and other irritants from the air. The quality of the indoor air is becoming a much greater issue as people continue to suffer from the result of poor air quality. Air quality problems aren’t limited to older homes – new homes have a lot of dust issues as drywall settles and new paint dries. The amount of dust collected in our new home is tremendous!

An air purification sales business helps people find the right air purification system for their home.

How Do I Get Started?

There are several large air purification manufacturers that you can work with in your new air purification distributorship business. Here are a few of the firms to consider:


IQAir targets their products at large room/entire floor of houses. IQAir is one of the top selling brands on the Internet and offers high quality, low maintenance air cleaning systems.


Blueair focuses on air purification systems for small to large rooms and offers an industry best 10 year warranty on its products. Blueair is the high end choise for small, medium, and large sized room air purification systems.


AllerAir sells whole house purification systems with 5 year warranties. A leader in the air purification space for those with allergies, AllerAir is a good choice for whole house air purification.


Honeywell is one of the most popular retail selling air purification manufacturers. Most of their products are targeted at small to medium size rooms – someone would need to purchase several Honeywell air purification systems for their home.


3M is one of the largest air filter manufacturers in the world. You likely use one of their Filtrete branded products in your HVAC system. 3M also sells small room air purification systems.

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