Promotional Products

Don’t you love going to trade shows or events and grabbing those free stress toys? Getting a bag full of pens, CD case openers, and branded Frisbees? A promotional products company may be for you!

Most promotional product companies don’t manufacturer anything; they are simply reps for manufacturing and wholesale firms. The upside of owning a promotional product firm is no inventory, you simply sell other company’s products to your customers. All products are paid for up front, there are no returns to process, and your cost structure makes it possible to produce a revenue quickly!

How do I get started in Promotional Products?

Contact multiple manufacturers and ask about becoming a distributor. You will receive catalogs, pricing information, and information about ordering samples. Order samples of items you think will be high sales and start selling!

Steps to Finding Clients for a Promotional Products Company

The first step to finding clients for your promotional products is to select what niche you’d like to target. There are a number of different types of promotional products available for sale and selecting the right products for the right market is important. For example, if you’re targeting a wedding planner, select products that could work well for brides.

Next, you will need to discover the companies in your area that have a need for promotional products in the niche you’re targeting. You can find these through simple online searches, trade organizations, or business networking groups. Find the decision maker at the company and order some samples of the products you’re likely to sell. Nothing sells the products more than a good sample!

Arrange a meeting with your potential client and bring the samples to demonstrate the promotional products. Determine your pricing ahead of time so you are well prepared for the meeting.

With these steps, you’re well on your way to running a successful promotional products company!

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