Boat Painting & Cleaning

Each year, thousands of boaters pull their vessels from the water to begin the winterizing process. For some, its simply a matter of cleaning them and washing out all of the lines. For some, a new paint job and some repairs are needed. As the owner of your own Boat Painting and Cleaning Company, you can take advantage of the boaters in your area by offering this very important service.

Boaters who do not perform regular maintenance on their boats find out quickly that the boats will not survive long on the water. Freshwater does enough damage – let alone the thousands of boat owners who have their boats in saltwater, which can do more damage than freshwater. Keeping the boat clean of barnables, algae, and painted and sealed every few years will extend the life the boat many years.

Some boats are large enough and in warmer climates that they are not removed from the water each Winter, instead, divers swim beneath the boats to clean and do any necessary repairs. You can offer this as a service or stick with standard cleaning and painting of out-of-water boats. Since the process is one of the least desired ones for boat owners, providing a boat cleaning and painting service is one which will almost attract its own clients.

You do not need any special education or experience to clean boats – just the knowledge of the chemicals and specific paints required for the job.

How do I get started?

This is a very inexpensive business to start. You can begin by creating a flier to be placed at marinas or boat clubs. Once you start getting a few clients, offer a referral bonus for referrals for other boat cleaning business or boat painting business.

You can typically earn $20-$40 per hour cleaning boats and the costs of doing business are not very high.

If you are not a certified scuba diver or experienced cleaning boats underwater, you can subcontract this work and outsource underwater boat cleaning. This will allow you to split the income without doing any work on the underwater boat cleaning.

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