Graffiti Removal Service

Unfortunately, from time to time business owners and homeowners find themselves the victim of some graffiti criminal passing himself off as a “graffiti artist.” A graffiti removal service company uses tools and chemicals to remove graffiti from surfaces that cannot simply be repainted over. This business is a help for building owners vandalized by graffiti – not only in urban environments, but in surburban ones as well.

Graffiti removal companies typically use a combination of power washing, sand blasting, and chemical removers to remove graffiti on the external or internal surfaces of a buiness. In your role as a graffiti removal specialist, you will provide these services to anyone who has experienced graffiti on their property. You can also offer to paint or apply special surfaces which make graffiti removal easier in the future.

Fortunately, learning the graffiti removal service is easy and just requires on-the-job training, versus a special education, certification, or technical understanding of graffiti removal. Really, the market is unlimited and in most cities, untapped. There is a large potential for upside growth in this graffiti removal business.

Graffiti removal services can be marketed to all sorts of businesses, government institutions (such as schools, hospitals, and libraries), homeowners, and just about anywhere which has a graffiti problem.

How do I get started?

Most graffiti removal services use a portable power washer and a mixture of paint removing chemicals. Some still use a sandblaster, but due to damage the sandblaster can cause, a lot of graffiti removal companies have stopped using them.

If you are low on startup cash, a portable power washer can be rented at several different equipment rental firms, reducing your total capital expenditure. Most power washers can be hauled on a trailer or even in the bed of a truck, making the portability of the graffiti removal service attractive. This is truly a homebased business where you are not required to maintain an office location.

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