Apartment Finding Service

An apartment locator service provides a website (and potentially a print product) to help people find apartments in their local area. This is an excellent business for those good at marketing and sales – you find local apartment complexes who want to advertise with your apartment finding service and list them for people to find. You will need to invest in local advertising to attract people to your service – this could be print advertising, local TV ads, movie theatre ads, bus ads, or other geographically targeted advertising options.

Apartment owners are looking to fill their apartments with high lease customers and are willing to pay for advertising to achieve this. An apartment finding service needs to deliver leads to these apartment owners in order to be an effective advertising option for them. You could setup the site for landlords to pay per lead from the site so the apartment landlord knows they are receiving leads from your site.

Most people look for location first for an apartment, then look by price. You should enable the ability to find apartment complexes by area of the city and by price. Additionally, an integration with Google Maps enabling users to view apartment complexes nearby ones they are searching will help users find the right apartments and bring people to your website.

How do I get started?

We recommend developing the website solution and technology first. If you list every apartment complex in town and provide an option for users to find out more information by filling out a form, you will start collecting leads which you can sell to apartment landlords. Once you have shown you can deliver leads to apartment complexes, apartment owners will be more willing to pay for advertising on your site. If your leads are quality and turn into leases, you will be able to generate more revenue per lead.

The cost to build an apartment locator website will probably be $10,000-$25,000.

Once you have built the website to help renters find the right apartment, you will need to launch your marketing and advertising effort to attract renters to your website. This can be performed in a number of ways, but the goal is to target the 20-35 year old crowd. You should focus your marketing efforts on places with people in this age range.

After the apartment finding website is launched and traffic starts flowing, you will focus your marketing and sales effort to attract apartment landlords to use your site for listing and advertising.

Once you have advertisers on your site – you will start collecting your money!

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