Air Filter Systems

In some cities, clean air is rare. Indoor air quality problems causes all sorts of health and medical problems – purchasing an air filter system can resolve much of these indoor air quality issues. Air filtering systems can address problems such as dust, odor control, welding smoke, grinding dust, pet odors, pollen, and more air quality problems. Owning an air filter system kiosk business will enable you to take advantage of people’s desire for clean air.

An air filter kiosk business sells air filtration systems for use in homes and businesses. The air filter machine sales kiosk can be placed anywhere – indoor or outdoor shopping malls, trade shows, industrial sales centers, or summer fairs. You will purchase the air cleaning machines wholesale then sell them at retail. You can also earn additional income with machines requiring installation or by selling extended warranties on the air cleaners.

Using a kiosk as your sales strategy, you will not have high inventory requirements. You may want to start several kiosks in different locations to increase your exposure to your customer base.

What do I need to know to get started?

Starting an air filter sales business does not require a significant amount of capital. It is best to become a distributor of a well known air filter brand in order to capitalize on the name brand of the manufacturer.

You will be required to purchase a kiosk (or lease an existing kiosk at a shopping mall) and the initial inventory. Additionally, you will need a computer, cash register, credit card processing equipment, and other necessary sales equipment to startup the business.

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