Telecom Consultant

Businesses face a myriad of communications options for their employees: multiple cell phone carriers, long distance providers, and data communication companies. How does a company sort through all of the different options and find a cost effective solution that doesn’t waste money?

Telecommunications consultants help businesses and organizations reduce their telecommunications costs. In this consulting role, you will help renegotiate contracts, find lower cost providers, and identify further ways to reduce costs for businesses on their often large telecommunications bills.

The beauty of this business is that you can present options to a client which are easily tracked and identified as cost savings. This enables you to provide a value based priced service: the more you save the company, the more you earn as a Telecommunications Consultant.

What Do I Need to Know to Get Started?

There is no special certification, education, or licensure required to become a telecommunications consultant. You should have a good understanding of different types of telecommunications lines and how the telecommunication companies (cell phone, long distance, VoIP, local exchange carrier, competitive LEC, data telecommunications, etc) work to properly navigate their structures to find cost savings.

Identifying cost savings can be as easy as identifying cell phone plans that are not properly purchased for end users. For example, some users might use 500 minutes, while others use 2500. Identifying low volume usage users and high volume users can help a company allocate plans properly to their workforce and save money on their cell phone bills.

A Telecommunications Consultant could be use in a much more technical endeavor in identifying and properly allocating data lines to corporate and remote sites. This might involve identifying the amount of bandwidth used at a particular site and choosing the correct data line size.

There are many options for telecommunication consultants to help organizations identify the right solution.

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