Art Prints

Art prints are an affordable way for people to purchase artwork. Art prints are reproductions (often printed from a photo) of popular and famous artwork. The Art Prints Website Business provides an ecommerce store for people to purchase art prints – select types of paper/printing (e.g. canvas), select the size, frame, and other attributes. This is a zero inventory venture – you outsource the art printing, framing, and shipping to a wholesale distributor.

An art prints website can differentiate itself by providing an easy to use website which is convenient for customers to find the prints they want. The art prints website should also provide a wide selection of artists and types of art, including impressionism, modern, still life, landscapes, expressionism, and photographs. This wide selection will appeal to the widest audience and provide the most potential in this market.

As a virtual business, it is extremely important for an art prints company to have a well designed website. We recommend hiring a professional web design firm to design the site and the ecommerce engine to enable easy online shopping for art prints.

How do I get started?

First, you will need to contract with a wholesale art prints provider. We recommend finding a full service company which offers mounting and framing of the artwork. This will enable you to offer all of the features customers want when purchasing their art print.

Second, as we mentioned before, we recommend hiring a professional web design firm to build the ecommerce site for your art prints store. Many distributors will allow you to directly connect your ecommerce site into their ordering system, allowing for electronic data interchange and fully automating your art prints store. The distributor will handle fulfillment and shipping, allowing you to handle order processing and customer service.

An art prints store is a easy, low investment business for you to earn a great income.

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