How to Start an Interior Design and Decorating Business

Let’s face it – you’re ready to start your own interior decorating business. When it comes to home design and decorating, no one is more accomplished than you. You have the ability to turn a dreary reception room into a bright and vibrant living space, and your friends are always recruiting your advice during trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond. If this sounds all too familiar, then it’s time you took your creativity to the next level by turning your keen eye for design into a lucrative and booming business!

If you don’t have the slightest clue as to how you can start your own interior decorating business, relax: we’ve got the best start-up tips that will have you classified as a successful small business owner in no time at all.

Take A Few Courses. Even the most gifted and discerning eyes need to learn the basics of interior designing in order to helm a business. Enroll in a couple of classes at your local college, where you’ll learn about space planning, decorating styles, window treatments, etc. These classes will help you offer more value to your clients.

Start Off Small. Don’t expect to get a major client right away; instead, offer your services to your friends and family to build a strong foundation to a healthy clientele base. Find family members that are in the middle of a big change (for example, a marriage or a new baby) and offer to decorate the home for the occasion. Once you’ve completed the job, ask if you can use their testimonials to attract more clients.

Make A Portfolio. One effective way to turn a potential client into a lifelong customer is to offer a portfolio that’s stuffed full of beautiful rooms that you’ve designed. Take pictures of your own home, or ask permission of friends and family members that you’ve designed for to use a photo of their home. This will help convince clients of your professionalism, especially if you’re not a well-known interior designer as of yet.

Establish Connections. Another great way to get clients is to network with professionals in your area who can connect you with viable business opportunities. Real estate agents, furniture designers and other professionals all are exposed to individuals who might have the need for an interior designer; get in good with these people, and you’re bound to have a steady flow of clients at your door!

Register Your Business. Be sure that you take the proper legal avenues to register your business for taxing purposes. Check out for low-cost options that will have you on the path towards becoming a small business owner in no time.

Never Stop Learning. Once you’ve established yourself as an interior designer, it can be easy to coast along. However, if you want to keep providing your clients with value, never stop learning new designing techniques. Attend trade shows, join professional organizations and take classes on up-and-coming designing trends.

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